Dansker Digital is an international studio based in Stockholm, Sweden and Salt Lake City, Utah.

We direct, produce, and consult on immersive media projects all around the world. Spearheaded by Dane Christensen, Dansker Digital has a keen focus on enabling new perspectives by matching the story with the right media format.

Our work streams on:

Dagaz, like any story, has a different meaning depending on how you interpret it.

Originally the letter “D” in the Viking Runic alphabet, Dagaz happens to look like two D’s facing each other which parallels with the name Dansker Digital.

But there is a deeper meaning to the symbol. Dane is a dual citizen––both Danish and American––and with a name like Dane, he is neither fully American nor fully Danish. He applies this duality of being to his storycraft, because he believes the story changes depending on the perspective and the format in which you tell it. Dansker, which means a Dane in Danish, and Digital, a reference to the multiplicity of new media formats, is a double entendre on how the intersection of story, technology, and humanity changes our perception of who we are.


Meet Dane Christensen: Digital Storyteller, Cinematographer, Creative

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